#24In24 – The List

Here’s my quarter life crisis – my personal list of things to do while I’m 24, and the basis for this blog.  Some are easier (and more fun!) to do than others.  Resolutions, goals, things to do – whatever you call them, I’m excited to get started! I want to challenge myself, get out my comfort zone, and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.  Because I really need to learn how to snap my fingers…


24 Things To Do In No Particular Order

  1. Start a blog (and maintain it)!
  2. Join a group/volunteer and meet some people.
  3. Take a class through Kirkwood or somewhere and learn something new. (Photography, cake decorating, bird calls? No, definitely not bird calls).
  4. RUN the Color Run.
  5. RUN a half marathon or more.
  6. Try a new-to-me dinner recipe once a month, or more if I end up liking it.
  7. Make a batch of cupcakes once a month and be a legit cupcake queen.
  8. Really clean out my closet and donate the clothes I haven’t worn.
  9. Learn how to solo ring hand bells.
  10. Learn easy guitar and/or ukulele.
  11. Travel to Olathe, KS and visit Nicki’s place.
  12. Unplug from Facebook and Twitter for 1 whole day. No updates, no nothing.
  13. Make Christmas cards for 2013 telling everyone how wonderful 24 is.
  14. Learn how to snap my fingers, blow bubbles with gum, and/or whistle.
  15. Learn how to curl my hurrrr.
  16. Rap the entire “Jump Around” song by House of Pain.
  17. See all the Oscar nominees for “Best Picture”.
  18. Complete the Sunday Sudoku without any help.
  19. Do a Pinterest craft project once a month.
  20. Donate my hurrrr to Locks of Love.
  21. Type out as many of my Gma’s diaries as I can get through.
  22. Read a new book, 2 a month. (Also, get a library card).
  23. Do 100 crunches/sit ups/ab exercises a day. That’s 700 a week. Or just 700 sit ups in 1 day, every week.
  24. **Taking suggestions for #24**

As I complete these, I plan on posting updates and my success in the #24In24 category, so stay tuned and keep me motivated!  I’m taking suggestions for my 24th thing to do. Leave a comment, Facebook or Tweet me your suggestions. Here’s to #24In24!


One thought on “#24In24 – The List

  1. If you check off number 17, you can come to my annual Oscar party – I just sent you an Evite! If you come, you will be able to check off number 2. And if you bring cupcakes, you will be able to check off number 7 for February.

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