April 2013

First off all, if you’ve never had the opportunity to have Mediacom Internet,  YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.  I’m sitting here trying to write this post, heck even open a web page, and it’s taking more than 10 seconds.  Let’s be honest, this is a first world problem.  Can’t wait for this Mediacom contract to be up, I’m gonna be outtie like a belly button.

The last month has been pretty great and in the last 2 weeks, I’ve slowly but surely been realizing how BLESSED I am.  I went on a mini mission trip with a group from church to Des Moines a couple of weeks ago.  The program gave us a pretty eye opening view of poverty and homelessness. So I can complain about my slow internet connection (which I will), but I know I am so blessed to have a loving family, great friends, and a wonderful job.

Unfortunately, this past month I slacked on this blog! I completed 2 things in 1 weekend and apparently I thought that was enough.  No new food, cupcakes, books, or a Pinterest project this month. Seriously, that’s just laziness on my part!  May will be better.


If this goal could BE any more broad (Chandler Bing, anyone?), I actually did learn something! I found a CUPCAKE DECORATING CLASS through the Shores Center in Cedar Rapids.  The official title was “Corks and Cupcakes” – hello, I’m there.  I invited my friend Becky from church and together we conquered cupcake decorating.

I had some problems. Really it was that pastry bag. Clearly everyone else in the class had had previous experience using a frosting bag thinger before.  I had frosting flying from the top, the bottom, everywhere!  Kind of embarrassing.  Good ole Becky was a saint throughout the whole night, even when I spilled frosting on her purse. But look at the end products!

So proud of the top left pink flower!

So proud of the top left pink flower!


Seriously it was a weekend of learning. After learning the ins and outs of cupcake decorating, the next day I learned how to curl my hurrr! My coworker and friend Christina came over and taught me the basics. It only took 24 years, but I finally can do something with my hurrr besides a ponytail!

First we started with braiding. Because who doesn’t want to rock the Katniss BAMF side braid? Wellll, that didn’t go over so well, because my hair is a little chunky and layered. But, if needed, I could probably braid a couple of small strings together if needed.

And then we moved onto curling.  Did you know there is a difference between a curling iron and a curling wand? I didn’t know, but now I’m totes in for the curling wand.  I was pretty nervous at first, have you seen the Burning My Hair Off Video?! But things went great! All my hair is intact.

Christina and I had a great afternoon (seriously the lesson took like 5 hours).  First we did hair, and then we drank some champagne, played some cribbage, and did more hair.  I went out that weekend and bought a curling wand, seriously in love with it!

Kelly Learns How to Curl Her Hurr Day.

Kelly Learns How to Curl Her Hurr Day.

And just this past weekend, I had curled my hurrr and someone even stopped me and asked if my curls were natural. BAHAHA, no but this afro is.


Nothing else to report, but I promise I’ll do better in May.  PS, it’s gonna be May, tomorrow.

May 4, 1999: the day that changed my life forever. I went to an NSYNC concert.

May 4, 1999: the day that changed my life forever. I went to an NSYNC concert.


My current obsessions that you should look into: Pentatonix, The Following, The Americans, Bon Jovi’s new CD, curling my hair, Jennifer Lawrence,  and getting PSYCHED for summer movie season.


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