May 2013

How the heck is it May 31? Where did this month go? WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO? Can’t believe it’s almost summer time! I’m excited to have lots of plans and weekend trips ahead of me – some weddings, road trips, and concerts are booked in the calendar!

I promised myself I would do better on my list this month, and I did much better than April (but believe me, there’s always room for improvement, much like my baking!) Speaking of…


I’ve been on a marshmallow kick like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s to the point where if some dessert  doesn’t have marshmallow in it, I’m adding it. Embarrassing.

I give you: Indoor S’mores.  These turned out pretty well, but I think I went too quickly at the beginning of the recipe, because things did not stick as they should have.  My only comparison is my dear mother’s recipe, and lezzbehonest, nothing is better than Mary’s baking.

I have the recipe if you're interested! (It's easy, even by my standards)

I have the recipe if you’re interested! (It’s easy, even by my standards)


This felt so good!  We had a rummage sale at church, so this was the perfect time to go through my clothes.  I felt really good about getting rid of some shirts that I haven’t worn. And a slight brag here,  I was fitting into some clothes that I wasn’t expecting to. We’ll blame that on training for a half marathon.

And just by chance, I cleaned out my closet at my parents’ house as well and got rid of some stuff there too.

Color coding, like a freak.

Color coding, like a freak.


I am officially an informed citizen of North Lib, I got myself a library card!

I blasted through my first book called “Don’t You Forget About Me” – mostly because it was DUMB and I wanted to finish it! It just wasn’t good at all – divorcee goes to her high school reunion and learns about herself.  I can only imagine it was written after watching The Breakfast Club and Eat Pray Love on a rainy weekend.

I am currently in the middle of my second book – I went back to one of my favorite authors, Kriistn Hannah.  This book is called “Home Front” and deals with a family and its’ struggles when the mom is called for active duty overseas.  The dad is a bit of a prick right now, so I’m excited to see how this one turns out – hopefully some good character development.

Read meeeeeeee.

Read meeeeeeee.


I realize I didn’t do eveyething on my monthly list (make a meal, do a pinterest project), but hey, it’s better than April!  By the way, anyone need some sort of crafting help? There’s only so many things I can make before my apartment becomes overrun with spoon sculptures or canvas print ideas…


Half Marathon Update: It’s coming! It’s in October! I’ve worked myself up to 4 miles (from 1.01, this is a big deal).  I’m doing a 5K this weekend and then this summer comes the distance training.  I also bought a yoga and a pilates DVD this past week and have really been enjoying that.  Namaste!

Current obsessions: This video,  also the song in it – “Yes to Love” by Stefano, Imagine Dragons (band), watching the Big Bang Theory in syndication, and marshmallows.


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