Taking Stock

Earlier this month I said I wanted to tackle this list and just yesterday I tweeted that I need to write more.  Here’s the “Taking Stock” list that I stole from my friends Emily (Small Stuff Counts) and Allison (Pieces of Passon).

OMG, this is turning into a diary post.

Making: an effort to be more present
Cooking: Ummm, wellllll, there’s always tomorrow.
Drinking : wine in 2 days to celebrate the start of Scandal Season 4 (can I be a Gladiator?)
Reading: About to start “The Husband’s Secret”
Wanting: to finish this post and blog it before I leave for Taco (Tequila) Tuesday.
Looking: at my closet wondering what to wear to work tomorrow.
Playing: My most recent iTunes purchase playlist which includes a lot of girl power anthems and Casting Crowns (par for the course)
Wasting: money on Starbucks on a weekly basis.
Wishing: for patience
Enjoying: this playlist. Gosh I’ve got good taste in music.
Waiting: to be a grown-up
Loving: my family and friends unconditionally and through anything.
Hoping: to get back in the exercise groove
Marveling: at God’s hilarious timing.  This song seriously comes on the radio every time I hit a rough patch
Needing: answers for the unanswered situations  (really “wanting”)
Smelling: Real bad sense of smell here, I got nothin’
Wearing: Yoga pants because it’s past 7:00PM
Noticing: that I just might get this sucker done by 8:00
Knowing: I’ve got a lot of things to do at work the next couple of days
Thinking: I need to catch up on new movie trailers
Feeling: Sluggish after a long day in meetings
Bookmarking:  On, just pinning away on Pinterest every night…
Opening: myself up to new experiences (food, travel, people, things)
Feeling: ADHD and popping back and forth between these questions


-KG at 7:59PM heyo, done before Taco/Tequila Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I agree; you have wonderful taste in music! 🙂 I know an excellent time to get back in the exercise groove – how about you meet me Sunday morning 10/5? We’ll do a little run run. 🙂 Hope the rest of your work week is uber productive!


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