#27In27 – The Official List

Alright folks, we have a list! And a motivated 27-year old looking to complete the list. The fun starts … hmm let’s say Monday. #27In27 here we goooo

The List

  1. Take a calligraphy class: I signed up for a class through Kirkwood in May. I am so pumped!
  2. Run the Bix 7: I ran the Bix 2 summers ago and I LOVED it. The course is hilly as hell but the route is amazing, so much support from the community. I haven’t run much (re: at all) since my half marathon this past summer and it’s time I get back to it.
  3. Cook a new meal once a week: Ugh, planning a meal, buying ingredients, being an adult, having leftovers for daaaayz.
  4. Bake cupcakes once a month: Coworkers, you’re welcome.
  5. Binge a show on Netflix as fast as I can : So many to choose, so little time. I take this challenge very seriously.
  6. Travel more: Road trip anyone?
  7. Read a new book once a month: Great news, I’ve joined a book club! Send me suggestions!
  8. Complete my 2013 scrapbook album: No judging, these things take time.  Looking forward to reflecting on a couple of years ago – off the top of my head, I was in a friend’s wedding, I traveled to California, and probably wore a ton of sweaters.
  9. Play my piano more – at least once a week: Guys, I work in a music store, I have access to some great pieces of music and I need to make use out of my piano in my apartment. Right now, it’s a little dusty and holds my plethora of coasters.
  10. Make Christmas cards this year: Send me your address!
  11. Learn the entire rap of Jump Around by House of Pain: Hmm this is leftover from my #24In24 list.  I got the first verse down, time to tackle the rest.
  12. Learn the entire rap in Waterfalls by TLC: If Will Poulter can learn it for a paying gig, I can certainly learn it for a good party trick.
  13. Complete the Sunday Sudoku: I love me some sudoku.
  14. Find more opportunities to volunteer: I’m thinking food pantry? Race volunteer? Anyone wanna join?
  15. Vote: Republican party – Democratic party – pizza party.
  16. Fitbit personal challenges each month: I LOVE MY FITBIT. Find me and be my buddy. In March, my mom (shout out to Mare Bear) challenged me to 150 miles. I did it. It was super motivating, so now I want to keep doing little personal challenges each month.  April I’ve decided is 190 miles. Who knows what May will bring.
  17. Be a better snail mailer and send out birthday/anniversary cards. Self explanatory.
  18. Donate blood: Never done it before!
  19. Go to a museum and be cultured for a day: Again, self explanatory.
  20. Write more: I really enjoy writing, but it comes in spurts.  Maybe I need to go back to the diary approach (sorry ya’ll, that’ll be for me only). In 1st and 2nd grade I was convinced I’d be an author. I’d like to source this bit of creativity.
  21. Ride my bike more this spring/summer: I didn’t ride at all last year. TRAVESTY.
  22. Grow out my hair and donate it again: Also, maybe I should learn how to curl and style my hair so I don’t wear it down errrday.
  23. Don’t spend my change: It really adds up.
  24. Clean out my closet and donate to Goodwill: My closet is a little overwhelming.
  25.  **SECRET**
  26. **SECRET**
  27. **SECRET**

These last 3 are kind of personal, so I’ll just let you know if they happen or not 🙂 Cross your fingers!


In case anyone’s forgotten what I look like, here’s a recent picture of me – yesterday, holding my coworker’s puppy. Really don’t know what I’m posting this.

Let’s see, thinking of something to end this post.  Hmmm, my most recent iTunes purchases were:

–Who I Am – Blanca

–Lose My Mind – Brett Eldridge

–Confession – Florida Georgia Line

–I Took A Pill In Ibiza – Mike Posner